Stories in Volume 9, Issue 4 — January-March 1998


An unusual meeting of bankers and believers

High-level representatives from nine major world religions meet with the president of the World Bank to discuss religion and development; a new factor in project assessment LONDON - As the head of the world's largest economic development agency, James Wolfensohn is an... Read more

Perspective: Spirituality in Development

Development, in the Bahá'í view, is an organic process in which "the spiritual is expressed and carried out in the material." Meaningful development requires balancing the seemingly antithetical processes of individual progress and social advancement, of globalization and... Read more
United Nations

At the UN, young girls voice concerns about grown-up issues

UNITED NATIONS - Speaking bravely through her tears, 17-year-old Kemmeh Damba-Danjo from the Gambia told a room full of government delegates and non-governmental organization (NGO) representatives a story as sad as it is common - the tale of her 14-year-old cousin's death... Read more
Community Development

In India's Dang District, new ideas bring an efflorescence of small-scale community development projects

BHISYA, Gujarat, India - Even though he regularly visits this small village in Gujarat State's Dang District several times a year in an effort to promote small-scale, grassroots development, Manohar Patil was nevertheless caught by surprise when he learned that the local... Read more

Review: "Mine are the Orient, the Occident, science, religion, cities, space, and writing a picture."

Mark Tobey  A retrospective exhibition Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía 11 November 1997 to 12 January 1998, Madrid Except perhaps for the Founders of the world's great religions, no one on this earthly plane can be said to fully understand the nature... Read more