Stories in Volume 9, Issue 3 — October-December 1997


In India, a new approach to vocational education

The New Era Development Institute seeks to provide students with skills to earn a living and impart a new vision of community service. "Our product is basically a transformed individual." SATARA, Maharashtra, India - In India's now burgeoning economy, the building trades... Read more

Perspective editorial: A litmus test for Iran

In recent statements, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has talked of humanity's entry into a "new century of humanity, understanding, and durable peace." Emphasizing the role of Iran in building a civilization associated with such principles, President... Read more

Landegg Academy inaugurates new graduate studies program

WIENACHT, Switzerland - In ceremonies on 29 September 1997, Landegg Academy formally inaugurated a new program of graduate studies, marking a new phase in the institution's development as an international academic center. The new program will offer a Master of Arts... Read more
Human Rights

Baha'i communities worldwide gearing up for human rights education campaign

WASHINGTON - One of the particular features of the United States Constitution is that all international treaties must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the US Senate - a legislative body composed of two representatives from each of this country's 50 states. This... Read more
United Nations

UN General Assembly calls for complete "emancipation" of Iran's Baha'i community

UNITED NATIONS - For the twelfth time in 13 years, the United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution expressing concern over the human rights situation in Iran, taking special note of "grave breaches" of the rights of Bahá'ís there. The resolution, passed on 12... Read more

A kinder, gentler universe

"God, Chance and Necessity" By Keith Ward Oneworld, Oxford Ever since Darwin, belief in God has been under a seemingly strong and continuous assault by science and scientists. And most recently, new notions about how the universe may have grown from a quantum... Read more