Stories in Volume 8, Issue 3 — October-December 1996

Human Rights

World Food Summit aims to halve the number of hungry

Meeting in Rome, nations seek to build on the new international framework set by other recent UN conferences. The decision-making process, however, left some in the cold. ROME - Building on the international framework of integration and cooperation that has been... Read more

PERSPECTIVE: Microfinance: a powerful tool for social transformation

In the search for practical measures to alleviate poverty and its debilitating impact on humanity and the planet, the microfinance movement offers a set of powerful tools in the service of social and economic development. Whether in terms of addressing the problems of... Read more

In Honduras, a rural hospital suffers from success

PALACIOS, Honduras - Almost anywhere in the world, the economics of running a small rural hospital are not good. To operate a hospital of any sophistication requires a certain critical mass of paying patients - and such a critical mass is rarely to be found in rural areas... Read more
The Arts

A distinctive comedic partnership: Omid Djalili and Annabel Knight

LONDON - Driving back home to Hounslow after a recent 20-minute stand-up performance at the Bearcat Comedy Club here, Omid Djalili was rather hard on himself. "It didn't take the roof off," he said with disappointment in his voice over the reaction to his first major... Read more

From the coral reef, lessons on managing scarcity

"The Eco Principle: Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis" By Arthur Lyon Dahl  George Ronald/Zed Books Ltd.  Oxford/London Although coral reefs exist in tropical waters that are low in nutrients and plankton, that basic food of the sea, they support a... Read more