Stories in Volume 8, Issue 1 — April-June 1996

United Nations

In Turkey, Habitat II forges a new partnership

NGOs, along with business groups, local authorities, academics, youth and others, enjoy the highest level of participation yet at a UN conference; some say a new era for civil society has been entered ISTANBUL, Turkey - Like previous UN world conferences in recent years... Read more

Sustainable communities in an integrating world

With the approaching dawn of the 21st century, governments, organizations and peoples are expending enormous energies to develop communities that are socially vibrant, united and prosperous. The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), which builds on... Read more
United Nations

UN Commission condemns religious intolerance in Iran

GENEVA - In a strongly worded resolution expressing grave concern over continuing human rights violations in Iran, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights called on the Government of Iran to "implement fully" the recommendations of a recent UN report on religious... Read more
United Nations

Focusing on the principle of service, more than 150 Baha'is gather at Habitat II

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Believing that the success of Habitat II would hinge largely on its stated goal of building new partnerships among all sectors of society worldwide, some 150 Bahá'ís from more than 25 countries came to Istanbul for the United Nations Conference on Human... Read more

Women from China and the West find common challenges

A conference on "Women and the Welfare of Humanity" seeks to discuss how women might play an increasingly influential role in their careers and in their families to improve the well-being of humankind -- especially in the face of the vast changes going on in modern society... Read more

In Colombia, a microcredit project aims to re-awaken community solidarity

A program that has granted small loans to more than a thousand rural farmers is unique for its emphasis on training which seeks to promote cooperation and a sense of service to the community at large. LA ARROBLEDA, Cauca, Colombia - Nine years ago, Nubia Viafara's house... Read more

Will a history of conflict lead to a future of harmony?

"Beyond the Clash of Religions: The Emergence of a New Paradigm" by Udo Schaefer, Zero Palm Press, Prague One of the most puzzling theological questions of our age - how to account for the great number and diversity of world religions and at the same time to... Read more