Stories in Volume 7, Issue 4 — March-January 1996


Rural learning helps stem urban migration

An innovative approach, using a curriculum adapted for country life and delivered via NGOs, provides new opportunities for 15,000 in rural Colombia JAMUNDI, Colombia - Educational District No. 034 starts somewhat to the west of where the Pan American Highway cuts across... Read more

Creating sustainable communities

Throughout history, urbanization has been associated with human progress. Humanity's coming together in villages, towns and cities has fostered social, economic and cultural development. Many of our greatest religious, political, educational and scientific institutions have... Read more
United Nations

NGOs gear up for Habitat II

Prepcom for UN Conference on Human Settlements allows greater participation than in the past NEW YORK -- Non-governmental organizations around the world are gearing up for the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, the last scheduled major UN conference of the... Read more

Community health workers in Kenya stir broad changes

Active in more than 200 communities, a project to promote vaccinations has also helped to build a new level of intersectoral and interfaith collaboration - collaboration that has paid off by stimulating the construction of latrines and helping create better access to clean... Read more
United Nations

UN report calls for an end to intolerance against the Baha'is of Iran

GENEVA - Saying that Iran's treatment of the Bahá'í community should be regarded as a violation of a 1981 United Nations declaration on religious intolerance, the United Nation's chief expert on the issue has called on Iran to end the ban on Bahá'í institutions and other... Read more

FUNDAEC: Not a typical development foundation

CALI, Colombia - It is often said that some of the best new ideas come from outsiders. Because they are not hemmed in by the traditions of a particular field of study, they feel free to strike out in new directions. The success of the SAT program would seem to prove that... Read more

A close reading of "The Most Holy Book"

The Style of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas: Aspects of the Sublime By Suheil Bushrui University Press of Maryland "There are three basic characteristics which distinguish every Divine Revelation. Firstly, it explains truths such as the nature of God, the human condition and the... Read more