Stories in Volume 7, Issue 3 — October-December 1995

Human Rights

Preparing for the next evolutionary leap

Preparing for the next evolutionary leap Fourth International Dialogue on the Transition to a Global Society, meeting outside of Washington, D.C. considers how to smooth the path to a peaceful future COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, USA -- Over the last five years, small... Read more

Science, religion and the strategy for global development

The tasks entailed in the development of a global society call for levels of capacity far beyond anything the human race has so far been able to muster. Reaching these levels will require an enormous expansion in access to knowledge, on the part of individuals and social... Read more

Reforesting a mountain desert on Bolivia's altiplano

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia -- In the Andes mountains just to the west of this central Bolivian city is the altiplano: a high, rugged plateau on which only the hardiest of peoples can survive. In isolated valleys, small communities of Aymara and Quechua people eke out a... Read more
United Nations

New York seminar focuses on the role of an international force

NEW YORK -- At a special one-day seminar on restructuring the United Nations, representatives from select government missions, NGOs and UN agencies generally agreed that the upgrading of UN peacekeeping operations into a genuine international force will be required if the... Read more
Human Rights

In Berlin, NGOs consider the possibilities for global governance

BERLIN -- Representatives from European non-governmental organizations (NGOs) called for a variety of measures to reform and restructure the United Nations and the international order at a special one-day forum on global governance, held here on 20 September 1995. Such... Read more
United Nations

United Nations General Assembly again expresses concern over human rights in Iran

UNITED NATIONS -- Citing reports of high numbers of executions, the absence of due legal process, and the discriminatory treatment of religious minorities, the United Nations General Assembly has once again passed a resolution expressing concern over the human rights... Read more

In San Francisco, the Association for Baha'i Studies considers the prospects for "Uniting the Nations"

SAN FRANCISCO -- More than 800 people attended the 19th Annual Conference of the Association for Bahá'í Studies, held here in October in commemoration of the signing of the United Nations Charter in this Pacific coast city some 50 years ago. Taking the theme "Anarchy... Read more

Does good science require a leap of faith?

The Universe Within: An Exploration of the Human Spirit By Anjam Khurhseed  Oneworld Publications  Oxford In his new book, The Universe Within, Anjam Khursheed opens a penetrating exploration of the inherent harmonies between science and religion with a... Read more