Stories in Volume 7, Issue 2 — July-September 1995

United Nations

A Call to Reconsider the New World Order

On the 50th anniversary of the UN, the Bahá'í International Community urges world leaders to hold summit on global governance NEW YORK -- Declaring that the United Nations needs to be redefined and restructured to better meet the challenges facing the post-Cold War world... Read more

Turning Point for All Nations

The following Perspective has been adapted from "Turning Point for All Nations," a major statement of the Bahá'í International Community for the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. The 20th Century, one of the most tumultuous periods in human history, has been marked... Read more

Beijing Conference approves "An Agenda for Women's Empowerment"

BEIJING -- Acknowledging that equality between women and men is an essential prerequisite for the creation of a "peaceful, just, humane and equitable world," representatives of 189 nations at the Fourth World Conference on Women adopted a sweeping Declaration and Platform... Read more

NGO Forum overcomes crises to become a global celebration of peace

HUAIROU, China -- As portrayed by the world's mainstream news media, the NGO Forum for Women '95 was dominated by conflicts and crises. From misunderstandings over security arrangements to rainy weather, the problems that beset the world's largest ever meeting of women made... Read more

From around the world, Baha'i women converge on Beijing

HUAIROU, China -- Born in a lush rainforest village on a remote island in Papua New Guinea, Margaret Elias is today among the most successful women in her native land. The country's first woman lawyer, a milestone she passed nearly 20 years ago when she took a law degree... Read more
United Nations

United Nations Sub-Commission calls for the "emancipation" of Baha'i community in Iran

GENEVA -- A panel of United Nations human rights experts, reviewing the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, has urged measures to promote the "emancipation" of oppressed Bahá'í and Christian communities there. At its annual meeting in August, the Sub-Commission on... Read more

Integrating the Ghost with the Machine

The Psychology of Spirituality by H.B. Danesh, M.D. Paradigm Publishing Victoria, Canada Arthur Koestler once wrote that the great breakthroughs in science and art stem from "the sudden interlocking of two previously unrelated skills, or matrices of thought." He... Read more