Stories in Volume 20, Issue 2 — January-June 2009

Community Development

Historic series of conferences aims at stirring the grassroots

UVIRA, Democratic Republic of the Congo - Located on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika in the war-torn province of Sud-Kivu, this small and underdeveloped African city might seem an unlikely place to start building a new global civilization. But for some 800 people... Read more

Perspective: "Animal spirits," spirituality, and the economic crisis

Events over the course of the last year have made economics a prime topic everywhere, from the global commons to the village square. Traditionally, economics has been a dry subject. Defined as a social science, its practitioners have largely sought to reduce forces that... Read more
Sustainable Development

Young people give input to UN Sustainable Development session

UNITED NATIONS - As one of the youngest representatives from a non-governmental organization to attend this year's UN Commission on Sustainable Development, it was natural that 19-year-old Alicia Cundall would participate in the Youth caucus. But she didn't expect to be... Read more

"Learning to be a Girl" strikes a chord at UN women's conference

UNITED NATIONS - Addressing the main theme of this year's Commission on the Status of Women, the workshop "Learning to be a Girl" focused on how cultural norms, social roles, and the gender stereotypes associated with them determine household roles for women and men and... Read more
United Nations

UN conference on racism overcomes controversy with concrete suggestions for change

GENEVA - A United Nations conference held here in April strongly reaffirmed the world's commitment to "prevent, combat and eradicate racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance." Held 20-24 April 2009, the Durban Review Conference sought to review... Read more
Human Rights

Egyptian court removes barriers to ID documents for Baha'is and others

CAIRO - In a ruling that opens the door to a new level of respect for religious privacy in Egypt, a court here has removed all grounds for preventing Bahá'ís from receiving proper official identity documents. The decision, issued in March by the Supreme Administrative... Read more
Human Rights

Baha'is express concern over turmoil in Iran as their co-religionists remain in prison

NEW YORK - Against the backdrop of growing turmoil in Iran since the disputed national elections there in June, Bahá'ís around the world have sought to express their concern over reports of increasing human rights violations in that country. In July, for example, many... Read more

Bridging the gap between traditionalist Islam and the modern world

Gate of the Heart: Understanding the Writings of the Báb By Nader Saiedi Wilfrid Laurier University Press Canada For Bahá'ís, the story of the Báb is well known. The forerunner of their Faith, the Báb appeared in Iran in 1844 - and within six years he had established... Read more