Stories in Volume 20, Issue 1 — October-December 2008


In The Hague, religious leaders pledge support for universal human rights

At an international interfaith conference on "Faith in Human Rights," religious leaders pledge to uphold the Universal Declaration and freedom of religion or belief THE HAGUE, Netherlands - As the seat of the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of... Read more

Redefining the challenge of climate change

[Editor's note: The following Perspective editorial is adapted from a working paper of the Bahá'í International Community titled, "Seizing the Opportunity: Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change," which was presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held... Read more

Ethics, economic transformation stressed at UN conference on climate change

POZNAN, Poland - The idea that the global response to climate change could offer a tool for social and economic transformation emerged as a significant theme at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held here in December. "Managing the global financial crisis... Read more
Human Rights

UN General Assembly expresses "deep concern" about human rights in Iran

UNITED NATIONS - For the 21st time since 1985, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution expressing "deep concern at serious human rights violations" in Iran. The resolution, approved on 18 December 2008 by a vote of 69 to 54, specifically criticized... Read more
Human Rights

Lives of service: Profiles of seven Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran

In early February 2009, reports emerged from Iran that the government was planning to put on trial seven Bahá'í leaders, held in Tehran's notorious Evin prison since May 2008. They are to be accused of "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda... Read more

In India, village-level private schools offer new opportunities

DASDOI, UTTAR PRADESH, India - In this small village known for its fine mango orchards and fertile wheat fields some 25 kilometers northwest of Lucknow, a quiet revolution is taking place. Like many revolutions, the spark is coming from the school ground. Only instead of... Read more

Faith-based organizations discuss population issues in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey - The Bahá’í International Community was among the religious groups and nongovernmental organizations that participated in a two-day Global Forum of Faith-based Organizations, convened by the United Nations Population Fund. The gathering, held in... Read more

Economics with a moral dimension

Manna from Heaven: From Divine Speech to Economic Science By Dalton Garis George Ronald Oxford A classic example is when Archimedes famously paired his knowledge of the mathematics about volume with the everyday fact that water rises in a tub when one steps into it. "... Read more