Stories in Volume 18, Issue 1 — April-June 2006

Human Rights

In Egypt, Baha'is face challenges over religious identity and belief

A court ruling on all-important state ID cards stirs a major controversy in Egypt and the Arab world, drawing attention to the plight of Bahá’ís and larger issues of religious freedom. CAIRO — Normally, a driver’s license in Egypt is good for ten years. But when Basma... Read more

The Blue Planet: Oceans in Crisis

The astronauts of Apollo 8, on the first mission around the moon in 1968, took a now famous photograph. Called “Earthrise,” it shows the grey and lifeless horizon of the moon — and suspended above it, against the infinite blackness of space, is our bright and blue home... Read more

In Canada, a low-key approach to virtues training pays big dividends

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, Canada — When city health officials make their morning rounds to pick up used syringes, the neighborhood of Lord Selkirk Park in Winnipeg’s north end is often their first stop. It’s a measure of the problems afflicting the district, which has the... Read more
United Nations

New Baha'i representative at the UN

UNITED NATIONS — Bringing wide-ranging experience in women’s issues, civil society organization, and international development, Fulya Vekiloglu has joined the United Nations Office of the Bahá’í International Community in New York as a representative to the UN. A ... Read more

In the USA, collecting “e-waste” is an interfaith effort

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN,USA — Just nine years old, Eve McCowen was dwarfed by the huge piles of unwanted electronic equipment that quickly accumulated in the parking lot of the Messiah Lutheran Church on Earth Day 2006. But she was nevertheless one of the first to run up to... Read more

In Singapore, youth fold paper flowers to promote religious harmony

SINGAPORE — Young members of the Bahá’í community here recently gave support to a national interfaith project aimed at bringing Singaporeans of all races and religions together. About 40 youth gathered at the Singapore Bahá’í Center on 15 April 2006 to fold paper lotuses... Read more
Human Rights

In Iran, pattern of arbitrary arrests of Baha'is continues; 129 await trial

NEW YORK — Iranian authorities have continued to arrest and detain Bahá’ís throughout Iran in recent months, subjecting them to a “revolving door” sequence of imprisonment and release that is apparently designed to harass and oppress the Bahá’í community. As of this... Read more

Once among the most active communities in the Middle East, Baha'is of Egypt have long faced persecution

The Bahá’í community of Egypt was once among the most vibrant and active in the Middle East, with Spiritual Assemblies and local groups established throughout the country, and an impressive array of administrative, educational, and social institutions. The community was... Read more

Annual Baha'i World volume examines the science of morality, concept of progress, and global activities

The Bahá’í World 2004-2005 Bahá’í World Centre Publications Haifa An examination of the science of morality, a look at the opportunities and challenges presented by human progress, and a report on a small but inspiring educational project in Mali are among the articles... Read more