Stories in Volume 17, Issue 2 — July-September 2005


In Guyana, young people take the lead in an effort to avoid risky behaviors

Innovative and popular, Youth Can Move the World offers leadership training for young people to help them avoid alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and other social problems. GEORGETOWN, Guyana — With an empty Coke bottle for a pint of rum and a white plastic chair the... Read more
United Nations

At the UN, world leaders renew promises

UNITED NATIONS — World leaders renewed their five-year-old promise to halve global poverty rates, ensure education for all, and sharply reduce HIV/AIDS and other diseases — and also took new steps towards reforming the United Nations — at the 2005 World Summit in September... Read more
Human Rights

In Iran, more arrests and another year without college for Baha'i youth

NEW YORK — Persecution against the Bahá'ís of Iran has continued to escalate in recent months, with fresh arrests in July, August, and September, and the arrival of another school year in which Bahá'í students are denied access to university. Some 23 Bahá'ís have been... Read more

At Green Acre, the first "modern" peace treaty is commemorated

ELIOT, Maine, USA — According to some historians, the 1905 Russo-Japanese War was the first truly modern war, involving as it did both the telegraph and the telephone, along with machine guns, barbed wire, illuminating star shells, mine fields, advanced torpedoes, and... Read more

Baha'i scholars explore links between science and religion

The relationship between science and religion is gathering increasing attention around the world, from research about the power of prayer to heal to the impact of new technologies on traditional societies. Bahá'í scholars on two continents recently gathered to explore... Read more

David S. Ruhe, former member of the Universal House of Justice, passes away

NEW YORK — Dr. David S. Ruhe, former member of the Universal House of Justice, the international governing council of the Bahá'í Faith, died on 6 September 2005 near his home in Newburgh , New York , following a stroke in mid-August. He was 91. Dr. Ruhe became a Bahá'í... Read more

The Search for Values in an Age of Transition

Editor's note: The following Perspective editorial is adapted from “The Search for Values in an Age of Transition,” issued recently by the Bahá'í International Community for the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. The full statement is at: http://www.onecountry.org/e172... Read more

In Germany, Baha'is celebrate 100 years of crisis and achievement

STUTTGART, Germany — Capping a multifaceted observance of the 100th anniversary of the Bahá’í Faith in Germany, some 1,800 participants gathered in this southwestern German city to commemorate a history both “darkened” by crisis and “highlighted” by achievement. People... Read more

A mirror to our own time

Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality By Leigh Eric Schmidt Harper Collins New York Although it focuses on the American fascination with mysticism and churchless spirituality in 19 th century, many readers of Leigh Eric Schmidt's new book will... Read more