Stories in Volume 16, Issue 3 — October-December 2004

Moral Education

In Australia, Baha'i religious classes in state schools find wide appeal

Bahá'í teachings about moral values and respect for other cultures and religions are appreciated by parents; classes are offered in some 300 public schools throughout the country. SYDNEY, Australia ­­— Like many other parents around the world, Vicki Thomas very much... Read more

Perspective: No state is an island: Re-envisioning collective security

The modern nation-state was founded in part on the idea that the people within its borders will be more secure if they band together against outside threats. The idea has worked pretty well. The most developed states have achieved high levels of security and even comfort... Read more

In Israel, an historic renovation touches two communities deeply

ACRE, Israel — In the late 1860s, Bahá'í pilgrims walked hundreds of kilometers from Persia, winding their way over barren mountains, past treacherous enemies, and though blistering deserts, to reach this ancient Mediterranean city in what is now northern Israel. Their... Read more

In Swaziland, saving a "virtual forest" with an efficient new stove design

MATSAPHA, SWAZILAND — Setting out to design a new fuel efficient wood-burning stove for developing countries, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott started by imagining a “virtual forest.” He knew that conservationists often speak of “virtual power plants” when they promote various... Read more
United Nations

High Level Panel calls for a new vision of collective security at the UN

UNITED NATIONS — Saying threats to global security have evolved far beyond traditional war, a panel of high-level experts has called on the United Nations to embrace a new and more encompassing definition of collective security, one that recognizes the interconnectedness of... Read more
United Nations

UN again expresses concern about Iran's Baha'is

NEW YORK — For the 17th time since 1985, the United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution expressing “serious concern” over the human rights situation in Iran, making specific mention of the on-going persecution of the Bahá'í community there. The resolution,... Read more

How everyone can win

Beyond the Culture of Contest: From Adversarialism to Mutualism in an Age of Interdependence By Michael Karlberg George Ronald Oxford In the West, it is pretty much taken for granted that the best way to settle political, economic, or legal differences is by putting... Read more