Stories in Volume 16, Issue 1 — April-June 2004


In Uganda, a focus on practical knowledge boosts literacy efforts

The Uganda Program of Literacy for Transformation (UPLIFT) helps participants acquire the skills, knowledge, and incentive for a “lifelong self-improvement plan” — coupled with an emphasis on moral education and interreligious harmony. In Uganda, a focus on practical... Read more

In Australia, a look at "bioprospecting" and the knowledge of indigenous people

The search for new plant and animal substances with medicinal or other useful properties often deeply affects indigenous people. SYDNEY, Australia – The D'harawal people, whose ancestral lands lie about a hour's drive south of this metropolitan hub, understood how to... Read more

Perspective: Literacy and Development

Language is fundamental to human consciousness. Without language, higher levels of abstract thought and insight are impossible. Language is also fundamental to human society. Without language, higher levels of social structure and culture are unattainable. As an... Read more
United Nations

UN "eminent persons" panel sees rise of civil society as a "landmark" event

UNITED NATIONS – As the world's problems grow ever more complex and globalized, the United Nations must reach out more vigorously to civil society — and give non-governmental actors more access to high level deliberations that have traditionally been reserved for... Read more

In South Africa, filmmakers draw on social action for their on-screen vision

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Work on Bahá'í service projects here gave screenwriters Mark Bamford and Suzanne Kay the idea for a movie that has recently won international attention. After their arrival here from Hollywood in 2001, the husband and wife team threw themselves... Read more

New website offers online access to Baha'i sacred writings

HAIFA, Israel — The Bahá'í International Community has launched an Internet website that makes available the sacred writings of the Bahá'í Faith in English, Arabic, and Persian. The launch of the Bahá'í Reference Library, which also carries other Bahá'í publications,... Read more

Comprehensive catalog of Baha'i books for sale online

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA — A comprehensive catalog of Bahá'í sacred literature, as well as Bahá'í books on history, social teachings, and other aspects of the Bahá'í Faith, is now available on the World Wide Web. The new e-commerce site also carries Bahá'í-inspired music,... Read more

Review: Religious history through the lens of Iran

“Spirituality in the Land of the Noble: How Iran Shaped the World's Religions ” By Richard C. Foltz Oneworld Oxford There are many ways to look at history. Ancient historians sought to glorify heroes and battles. Modern historians have found new directions, looking at... Read more