Stories in Volume 15, Issue 3 — October-December 2003


South Asian conference on education stresses rights of every girl and boy

Organized by the Bahá'í International Community with the support of UNICEF, a regional conference emphasizes the need for moral education, higher levels of government funding, better mechanisms for community participation, and public-private partnerships. NEW DELHI —... Read more
United Nations

The United Nations grapples with the idea of a global "information society"

Hailed as a major new direction for the United Nations, the World Summit on the Information Society focused not on a single issue area, but rather on emerging information and communications technologies that cut across many issues in the global arena. GENEVA — Karanja... Read more
Civil Society

Civil Society innovates for influence at WSIS

GENEVA -- As has been the case at every recent United Nations global conference, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representatives of civil society played an active and influential role in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Indeed, some observers... Read more

Perspective: Education: The Right of Every Girl and Boy

Philosophers have a phrase — "enlightened self-interest" — which they apply to those situations where choosing the less obvious or even slightly more painful course makes us much better off in the long run. We all face choices like this each day. Is it better to skip a... Read more
United Nations

UN again expresses concern over human rights in Iran

UNITED NATIONS -- For the 16th time in 19 years, the United Nations General Assembly expressed concern over continuing human rights violations in Iran, also making specific mention of the "continuing discrimination" faced by Bahá'ís and other religious minorities there.... Read more
The Arts

In Canada, a start-up festival highlights creativity of Baha'i filmmakers

EDMONTON, Canada — As film festivals go, the "Cause and Effect Bahá'í Film Festival" was certainly not among the largest, most famous, or even best publicized of such exhibitions. But for what it says about the state of artistic creativity in the worldwide Bahá'í... Read more

In Finland, an emphasis on diversity leads to human rights award

HELSINKI, Finland — Just after the birth of her fourth child, Melody Karvonen made a somewhat unusual career change. While still on maternity leave, Ms. Karvonen decided to end her 10-year career in architectural drafting and instead moved into human rights. She first... Read more

Review: A case study on religion and human rights

Human Rights, the UN and the Bahá'ís in Iran by Nazila Ghanea George Ronald / Kluwer Law International Oxford / The Hague The coming of the new millennium has also brought a surprising upsurge in religious feeling around the world. Secularism, once thought to be the... Read more