Stories in Volume 14, Issue 4 — January-March 2003


Overcoming Violence against Women and Girls: The International Campaign to Eradicate a Worldwide Problem

Homegrown schools, bare-bones basic and staffed by indigenous teachers, give children in the remote and underserved Ngabe-Bugle region virtually their only chance for a primary education. CHIRIQUI PROVINCE, Panama - At 5 a.m., dawn's light spread like a crimson streak... Read more

Perspective: The modern malady

When social scientists discuss the basic needs for human existence, the list usually starts with material things: air, water, food, and shelter. These are things that no one can survive without, at least not for long. But those who have thought seriously about what it... Read more

A medical breakthrough brings 'Star Wars' technology to remote hospitals

HAMILTON, Ontario -- Mehran Anvari first discovered his love for surgery in high school while dissecting frogs and other small animals. "I was pretty good in dissection class, and I felt this was something I really enjoyed," said the 43-year-old Canadian physician. "I... Read more
United Nations

UN addresses violence against women

UNITED NATIONS -- At a panel discussion on the problem of violence against women, Radhika Coomaraswamy told of a young Nepalese girl who eloped with a young man -- who then placed her in a brothel in India before disappearing. The tale reflects the complex connection... Read more

In Europe, businesspeople apply spiritual insights to economic problems

TURIN, Italy -- Eighty percent of the automobiles made in Italy are manufactured in this bustling northern Piedmont city. Home of the Fiat Group, workers here build Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo cars, as well as Iveco trucks. Turin is also the home of the International... Read more

Nur University embarks major new teacher training program in Bolivia

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia -- Collaborating in a United States initiative to improve reading and writing in the Americas, Nur University has embarked on a major project to train primary school teachers in Bolivia. Nur, a Bahá'í-inspired institution, has begun assembling a team... Read more

Bani Dugal Gujral appointment

On 11 March 2003, Bani Dugal Gujral was appointed Principal Representative of the Bahá'í International Community to the United Nations. Ms. Dugal Gujral had been serving as interim Principal Representative, since the resignation of Techeste Ahderom in 2001. Ms. Dugal Gujral... Read more

Computers, logic, and a "middle way"

Minimalism: A Bridge between Classical Philosophy and the Bahá'í Revelation By William S. Hatcher Juxta Publishing Hong Kong While the application of the modern scientific method has reaped great rewards in terms of technological progress, its employment in the realm... Read more