Stories in Volume 14, Issue 3 — October-December 2002


In Fiji, a new approach to the restoration of coral reefs draws notice

Marine scientist Austin Bowden-Kerby, inspired by Bahá'í principles on the relationship between humanity and nature, heads the innovative and successful Coral Gardens Initiative, which promotes a high level of community participation in the management of natural resources... Read more

Terrorism and the end of an old order

Bombs planted in parked cars explode near crowded market places. Trucks loaded with explosives, driven by suicide bombers, crash through barriers into embassies and wreak devastation. Nerve gas is released in a subway station of a huge city, resulting in agonizing deaths... Read more

In India, a program for rural women emphasizes training as the key to effective use of solar cookers

JHABUA DISTRICT, Madhya Pradesh, India - Ask women about the benefits of using solar energy for cooking in the remote districts of this central Indian state, and "saving the environment" is not necessarily the first response that comes to mind. Rather, the advantages of... Read more

Baha'is participate in interfaith celebration honoring Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON - At a special high-level interfaith gathering held in honor of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Bahá'í representatives joined with the leaders of nine other major world religions to celebrate the significant role that religions can play in caring for the... Read more

In Italy, the University of Bari establishes a course on ethics and economics based on Baha'i principles

BARI, Italy, 4 December 2002 (BWNS) - Officials at the University of Bari have established a permanent course on ethics and economics that is based on Bahá'í principles and have appointed a well-known Bahá'í businessman as its coordinator. Titled "Ethics and Economy:... Read more

Baha'i radio station is launched in the Philippines

BULAC, Philippines - In a festive celebration featuring prayers, speeches, music and dance performances, and a "barrio fiesta" atmosphere, the Bahá'í community of the Philippines officially inaugurated its new radio station on 26 November 2002. Located in a rural... Read more

An appeal to logic on national sovereignty

One World: The Ethics of Globalization By Peter Singer Yale University Press New Haven and London In academic circles, Peter Singer is considered one of the top experts on bioethics. His books on the ethics of the treatment of animals, for example, are best sellers in... Read more