Stories in Volume 14, Issue 2 — July-September 2002

United Nations

In Johannesburg, a shift in emphasis on sustainable development

At the World Summit on Sustainable Development, governments reaffirm the basic agenda of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio while stressing an urgent need to fight poverty; a new partnership with civil society is forged. JOHANNESBURG - Since the term "sustainable development"... Read more
Baha'i Activities

Ethical and spiritual dimensions of sustainable development stressed by Baha'is at Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG - Representatives of the worldwide Bahá'í community were active in virtually all venues of the Johannesburg Summit, from the inter-governmental sessions at Sandton Center to informal workshops at the Civil Society Forum. But their message was nevertheless quite... Read more

In Bolivia, an isolated village seeks to establish its own school system in the face of discrimination

PUKA PUKA, Chuquisaca, Bolivia - For many years, the Government-run school in this village of some 700 people on the Bolivian altiplano offered only kindergarten through third grade. Students who wanted any kind of education beyond that had to walk from 3 to 6 kilometers to... Read more

Perspective: Religion and Development at the Crossroads: Convergence or Divergence?

Over the course of the 20th century, ethnic, racial and national prejudices have increasingly given way to the recognition that humankind is a single family and the earth its common homeland. The United Nations, which was created in response to this dawning recognition, has... Read more

Baha'is of Peru help energize an interfaith coalition, winning key recognition

LIMA, Peru - Recent efforts by the Bahá'í community of Peru to promote religious understanding have helped to energize an on-going interfaith collaboration aimed at winning wider Government recognition for non-Catholic religions, leading to the establishment of a new... Read more
The Arts

Baha'is in Chile announce call for Temple designs

SANTIAGO, Chile, 12 September 2002 (BWNS) - The national governing body of the Bahá'í community in Chile has called for submission of designs for a continental House of Worship, to be built southeast of Santiago. The building will be the eighth Bahá'í House of Worship in... Read more

New volume of Baha'i sacred writings is published

HAIFA, Israel, 22 September 2002 - An important early epistle of Bahá'u'lláh that explores the human quest for spiritual enlightenment and the symbols used throughout the history of religious revelation has been recently translated and published in English. Gems of... Read more

Top-rated Indian BBC quiz show uses New Delhi Baha'i temple as backdrop

NEW DELHI - "Mastermind India," a top-rated quiz program produced by the BBC, held its first show of the 2002-03 season at the Bahá'í House of Worship. In a broadcast presented on 8 August 2002 and seen by an estimated 200 million viewers in some 35 countries, the New... Read more

Finding the locus between faith and ecology

A Sacred Trust: Ecology & Spiritual Vision Edited by David Cadman and John Carey The Temenos Academy & The Prince's Foundation London Thoughtful people have always understood the connection between nature and spirituality. But in terms of an explicit... Read more