Stories in Volume 13, Issue 4 — January-March 2002

Moral Leadership

In Bolivia, a distinctive training program in moral leadership shines brightly

Operated by Nur University, the project serves many groups, from youth to teachers to municipal leaders, drawing support from major donors and government agencies and offering a vision of community service. SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia - On the southern edge of this fast-growing... Read more

Nur University: training a new generation of leaders

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia - Since its founding in 1982, Nur University has broken much new ground in Bolivia. It was among the first in a new wave of private universities to be founded in Bolivia in modern times and the first to be established by a presidential decree. In 1986... Read more
United Nations

Partnership a key theme in lead up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development

UNITED NATIONS - Among the outcomes of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was an unprecedented coming together of civil society from all sectors on a global scale. Some 30,000 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with a wide range of... Read more
Moral Development

In London, a ground-breaking exploration into the science of morality

LONDON - Is there a scientific basis for morality? Is there a place in the brain where the capacity for morality resides? These were just two of many thought-provoking questions posed at a ground-breaking conference on the "Science of Morality" here on 8 and 9 February 2002... Read more

Corruption and moral renovation

When government leaders met in Monterrey, Mexico, earlier this year for the International Conference on Financing for Development, a powerful undercurrent in the speeches and discussions was the importance of combating corruption. "We know that in countries with good... Read more

Baha'is in Tajikistan killed for their beliefs

HAIFA, Israel (5 March 2002) - Two Bahá'ís in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, were determined in recent weeks to have been killed for their religious beliefs. Rashid Gulov was shot and killed on 23 October 2001 while returning home from work. A second man, Mosadegh Afshin... Read more

What is the real value of that weed at your feet?

The Future of Life By Edward O. Wilson Alfred A. Knopf New York Although he is known primarily as a biologist, Edward O. Wilson spends a lot of his time in his latest book talking like an economist. Dr. Wilson, a tenured professor at Harvard specializing in the... Read more