Stories in Volume 12, Issue 4 — January-March 2001


In Nepal, a novel project mixes literacy and microfinance to reach thousands

Using an innovative workbook approach, the Women's Empowerment Program now has more than 130,000 participants, and it has helped them set up some 1,000 village banks, in a dramatic departure from traditional microfinance programs. THAKALI CHOWK, Nepal - In this bustling... Read more

ECTA focuses on grassroots empowerment in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal - An important partner in the Women's Empowerment Program has been Education, Curriculum, and Training Associates (ECTA), a small Nepal-based non-governmental organization, which has played a key role in creating the program's innovative curriculum and... Read more
United Nations

Creating a "World Fit for Children"

The upcoming UN Special Session on Children will review progress since the 1990 World Summit on Children, focusing on new problems and issues facing children and adolescents worldwide. UNITED NATIONS - While the global village struggles with the complexities of armed... Read more

Baha'i Chair at Hebrew University hosts conference on modern religions

JERUSALEM (BWNS) - Some 54 scholars of religion - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mormon and Bahá'í - gathered in December at the Hebrew University to discuss the impact of modernism on their traditions. The conference, co-sponsored by the Chair in Bahá'í Studies at the Hebrew... Read more

Perspective: Some thoughts on elections

The rise of democracy and democratic processes worldwide is a positive trend. Over the last decade, an increasing number of countries have adopted systems involving free elections, representational governance, and strong human rights standards. At the same time,... Read more

Victor de Araujo, long-time Baha'i International Community representative to the UN, passes away

NORWALK, Conn., USA - Victor de Araujo, who represented the Bahá'í International Community at the United Nations for 23 years, passed away on 4 January 2001 at Norwalk Hospital. He was 78 years old. Dr. de Araujo was born near London, England, and spent his childhood and... Read more
The Arts

Full-length feature film, inspired by the Baha'i writings, premieres in Australia

PERTH, Australia, 5 February 2001 (BWNS) -- A tale of love and oppression, set in Australia's Outback in the 1890s and focusing on the story of an Aboriginal girl and a group of Lutheran missionaries, had its world premiere at the Perth International Arts Festival today... Read more

A complex vision that transcends all categories

Logos and Civilization: Spirit, History, and Order in the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh by Nader Saiedi University Press of Maryland Bethesda, MD, USA As humanity's interdependence has increasingly manifested itself, scholars of various disciplines have begun to examine... Read more