Stories in Volume 11, Issue 2 — July-September 1999

Sustainable Development

In Uganda, community health workers effect long term changes

Focusing on hygiene and vaccination, a health project serving isolated Kumi and Soroti Districts has used overseas funding from Canada to help build a sustainable cadre of grassroots-level volunteers.

In Australia, an International Women's Conference charts new directions

BRISBANE, Australia - Mapping a new path for women in the coming millennium, an international women's conference here focused on forging new partnerships among diverse sectors of society, taking practical measures to promote the advancement of women, and making spiritual... Read more

Earth Charter process offers a model for global consensus building

As others consider how to achieve consensus on international issues, the process used by the drafters of the Earth Charter offers an example of how to solicit and incorporate ideas from civil society groups and prominent individuals worldwide. SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica -... Read more
United Nations

Annual UN DPI Conference becoming an important venue for NGO networking

UNITED NATIONS - Despite the disruptions globalization causes, it can potentially provide great benefits to all humanity - and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have a critical role in ensuring that such positive outcomes are reached. That was one of the main themes... Read more
United Nations

US Baha'i community urges strong support for the United Nations - including full US funding

UNITED NATIONS - Among the thousands of NGO representatives at this year's UN DPI/NGO conference were 16 Bahá'ís from local communities in the United States of America. Their presence at the event represents part of a strong effort within the Bahá'í community of the... Read more

U.S. Baha'i Leader Appointed to Presidential Commission on Religious Freedom

WASHINGTON - Firuz Kazemzadeh, a long-serving leader in the Bahá'í community of the United States of America, has been appointed by United States President William Clinton to serve on the Commission on International Religious Freedom. Dr. Kazemzadeh, a professor emeritus... Read more

Cameroon Reception

In Cameroon a high-level reception was organized jointly by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Cameroon and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on 15 March 1999.

Singapore Reception

In Singapore, President Ong Teng Cheong hosted a reception on 3 June 1999 at his residence for members of the Inter-Religious Organization of Singapore. Representatives of the Bahá'í Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism... Read more

Perspective: The Need for an International Force

Without doubt, peacekeeping has been one of the most important activities of the United Nations. Since 1948, the UN has launched some 50 peacekeeping missions, sending blue-helmeted soldiers and observers to trouble spots around the world. While not every mission has... Read more
The Arts

Updates: "Promoting Positive Images through the Media" project expands.

First examined in ONE COUNTRY 10.3, a Bahá'í project to heal ethnic tensions in southeastern Europe is further taking root. "Promoting positive messages through the media: the Happy Hippo Show" of the Royaumont Process is taking root in several European countries, while... Read more

From hothead to world citizen

Groovin' High: The Life of Dizzy Gillespie By Alyn Shipton Oxford University Press Oxford Over the last century and a half, jazz has evolved from the folk songs of Africans living enslaved in America to a major world musical form, played and appreciated in nearly... Read more