Stories in Volume 10, Issue 4 — January-March 1999

Sustainable Development

In Mongolia, community-grown vegetables fill a big nutritional gap

Old traditions and erstwhile dependence on a centralized economy force an unhealthy reliance on milk and meat; a national campaign to grow more vegetables finds resonance in a grassroots gardening project. ERDENBULGAN, Mongolia - Until about three years ago, 16-year-old... Read more

Dialogue between World Bank and world faiths sparks new approaches to poverty

For religious groups, the new dialogue with the World Bank has spurred a greater level of interreligious understanding and unity on the issues of poverty and development. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - It would be an oversimplification to say that the first working meeting... Read more
United Nations

UN Commission advances new machineries to protect women

UNITED NATIONS - As UN bodies go, the Commission on the Status of Women was for many years relegated to back-bench status. In its early years, male diplomats headed most of the Commission's government delegations. Established in 1946 to promote women's rights, it drew... Read more

Annual conference on development for the Americas aims at encouraging non-professionals

ORLANDO, Florida - Over the last six years, the Bahá'í Conference on Social and Economic Development for the Americas has established itself as an event where non-professionals from throughout the Americas can come to learn what it really takes to launch and sustain a... Read more
United Nations

Millennium Forum planning structure set

UNITED NATIONS - At a two-day meeting here in February, representatives from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) gave concrete structure to the planning process for a proposed NGO-sponsored "Millennium Forum," agreeing to a set of organizational by-laws and... Read more

Opening of Baha'i Center in Bangkok

In Thailand, HRH Princess Soamsawali, center, was the guest of honor at the official opening of the new National Bahá’í Center in Bangkok on 26 November 1998. Above, the Princess poses with Bahá’í children who performed at the opening.

Perspective: One world, one currency

Over the last few years, the monetary crises in Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Southeast Asia - to name but a few of the countries and regions whose economies have been especially hard hit - have demonstrated the fragility of the international financial system. While some... Read more

Review: Transcending the barriers between East and West

Kahlil Gibran: Man and Poet By Suheil Bushrui and Joe Jenkins Oneworld Publications Oxford What makes a great artist different from the vast majority of men and women? How to account for the inspiration and insight that enables someone like Kahlil Gibran to create one... Read more