Stories in Volume 10, Issue 2 — July-September 1998

United Nations

After months of preliminaries, work begins on a "Millennium NGO Forum"

To be held in conjunction with the United Nations scheduled “Millennium Summit” in the year 2000, the proposed gathering would seek to lobby world leaders and highlight the importance of world civil society. UNITED NATIONS - After many months of talk, non-governmental... Read more
Human Rights

NGOs and governments form a new coalition to promote religious tolerance

Some 200 representatives from various governments, non-governmental organizations and religious communities call for greater efforts to promote freedom of religion and belief, urging specifically that the UN office charged with monitoring religious intolerance be... Read more
Human Rights

In Iran, one Baha'i is executed and two more are sentenced to death, raising sharp doubts about the new Government’s human rights policies

In another ominous sign, government officers in fourteen cities arrested 32 Bahá’í educators in late September-early October. Early in the morning of 21 July 1998, Ruhu'llah Rawhani, a 52-year-old medical supplies salesman, father of four and member of Iran's Bahá'í... Read more

In Guyana, the use of moral "generative themes" propels a project for youth

“On the Wings of Words” combines efforts across several theme areas – literacy, moral education, and the use of mass media to recruit volunteers – to obtain a greater synergy for success. p PLAISANCE, Guyana - Although reading is not her main subject, teacher Audrie... Read more

Perspective: New Age, New Morals, New Leaders

The new paradigm for leadership means that leaders today must be chiefly concerned with giving service to their community — rather than advancing their own ideas, careers or sense of privilege. To speak of "moral leadership" in today's world seems a contradiction in... Read more

Using logic in the search for supreme values

Love, Power and Justice: the Dynamics of Authentic Morality By William S. Hatcher Bahá’í Publishing Trust Wilmette, Illinois What is Justice? What is Truth? What is right and wrong? Is there a God? These questions have engrossed philosophers and thoughtful people... Read more